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Our skin is our largest organ and potentially the biggest eliminator of waste.  Sweating not only removes toxins, but also reduces the work load of the kidneys, colon and liver.  Sweat is quite the prudent garbage collector.  A 30-minute infrared sauna session produces the same heavy metal elimination that would take the kidneys 48 working hours.

Using an infrared sauna increases skin and body temperature, causing sweat and oils to be secreted from the body.  Harmful toxins are dissolved in these secretions and are eliminated, as well. Petrochemicals, that have been kept in subcutaneous fat for years, rise to the surface and exit through pores.  

Sweating toxins is dramatically increased in an infrared sauna.  And the composition of chemicals in infrared sauna sweat is quite different from sweat generated from a steam sauna, dry sauna, hot tub or exercise.  Infrared sauna sweat contains water, cholesterol, fat-soluble toxins, heavy metals, nicotine, sulfuric acid, ammonia and other poisons.  The sweat generated by traditional exercise is mostly water and sodium chloride.

Scientists, doctors and other health experts have become increasingly aware of the negative impact toxins have on our body.  Toxins like sulfur dioxide, lead and mercury are absorbed into our body on a daily basis though diet and environment.  Did you know that anesthesia can be stored in our organs for years?  Detergents, perfumes, household chemicals, and paints penetrate our skin, which acts as a sponge, soaking these poisons into our blood stream.

Toxins have a destructive impact on our health, causing enzyme dysfunction, hormonal imbalances, and weakening of our immune system.  Ailments that health experts have linked to toxins include:

Anxiety & Depression                  Fibromyalgia 



Attention Disorder                        

Memory Loss

Mouth Sores                                  

Chronic Fatigue

Allergies                                          Joint/Muscle Pain

Frequent Colds                            

Skin Problems



Remove Toxins.