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During an infrared sauna session, the surface of the skin and capillaries dilate, increasing the volume of blood within the arteries and capillaries.  Circulation greatly increases to minimize the body from overheating.

For people with poor circulation or diabetes, an infrared sauna can be lifesaving.  And Tennessee Saunas only sells saunas with floor heaters, to provide added circulation to combat neuropathy.

People with high cholesterol, high blood pressure, blood sugar and weight issues all have had remarkable results with infrared saunas.

A recent study, conducted at KIBI International University, addressed the benefits of infrared saunas on people with Type 2 Diabetes; the study explored the effects on bedridden patients in regard to inflammation and oxidative stress.  The subjects sat in an infrared sauna for 15-minutes sessions, daily, over a two-week period.  Markers for total oxidative stress levels were dramatically decreased.

‚ÄčAnother study was conducted with Cerebral Palsy patients.  Numbness and chronic myalgia were significantly decreased after sessions in an infrared sauna.  If you are someone you love has diabetes find out how an infrared sauna can help.

Diabetes, Neoropathy and Increased circulation

According to the American Medical Association, a thirty-minute sauna session is equivalent to a 2-3 mile jog on your heart.