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Many of us develop sensitivities to certain chemicals in our environment.  The most common allergy-causing chemicals are seen in perfumes, cleaning solvents, plastic, paints or environmental origins.  Some sensitivities are minor but in some people these sensitivities are quite severe.

Infrared saunas help sweat out these toxins causing a boost to your immunity system which causes your body to become more resilient to the allergies.  The cleaner your system, the higher your tolerance to these chemicals.  Allergy sufferers are encouraged to use a hemlock wood for their infrared sauna, because cedar can cause adverse reactions in 25% of the population.  Hemlock is hypo-allergenic and makes up 90% of the infrared saunas sold in the U.S.  (Cedar saunas are only advantageous where there is steam due to the mildew potential of steam saunas)

Do you suffer from chronic or seasonal allergies?  Call us at (615) 714-0184 and see how an infrared sauna can help.