Our infrared saunas:

Infrared saunas are a great weight loss tool because they burn calories and increase metabolism..

​Infrared Ssauna penetrete into the skin 1 1/2 inches, providing relief for Those suffering from backaches, sport injuries and fibromyalgia.

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Aches, Pains

& Fibromyalgia

Weight Control

Removing toxins is probably the most important health benefit that comes from using an infrared sauna.

ToXin Removal

Tennessee Saunas sells quality infrared saunas at great prices, with the best warranties in the country.  When surfing the web, or attending shows, most infrared saunas look alike.  However, there are extreme differences in quality, that are difficult for the consumer to identify at first glance..  Visit our F.A.Q.'s page to learn more about using an infrared sauna, maintaining it, and other frequently asked questions.


& Increased Circulaton

With the busy lives we lead today, our health can often take  a back seat.  Infrared saunas have become a strategic health tool in the fight to detox, combat chronic pain and fatique, maintain a healthy weight, and achieve overall wellness.  Researchers are linking so many ailments to toxins; the best way to remove toxins is to sweat. And sweating in an infrared sauna releases many more harmfull poisons than sweat produced in exercise.

Infrared saunas are affordable, and provide many more health benefits than a traditional sauna.   They cost pennies to operate and fit into any room in your home. Visit our Health Benefits page to learn more about the amazing clinical findings.

Tennessee Saunas is dedicated to providing quality infrared saunas, professional customer service and some of the lowest prices in the industry.   Near Nashville?  Take advantage of a free demo and free installation.  If you suffer from chronic pain, have poor circulation, want to boost metabolism, improve skin and remove toxins, let us show you how to benefit from a infrared sauna.

According the the AMA, a thirty-minute session in an infrared sauna is equivalent to a two mile jog on you heart.